Sunday, March 02, 2008

Flash Lite game winners for mobile game contest!

Last year, as part of's launch strategy, they introduced a game competition with prizes for those creating best of worlds casual game content for the launch of their new online social networking site for Flash Lite mobile games.

Last week the contest ended, and here are the winners ... including mention of Pasi's qTile game which we actually reviewed here on frame27 not too long ago!


Honorable MentionsAlso, just an FYI, but there some more winners to be announced soon for the 2007 Flash Lite game contest.

Congratulation to Samir Dash and the other contest winners! There is some really entertaining content on playyoo!


If any additional contest winners would like their mobile games reviewed here on frame27, let us know.

We'll be more than happy to review your Flash Lite game (as long as it meets the submission criteria).

- The Frame27 crew (Scott, Mariam, and Felipe)