Monday, November 27, 2006

Flash Mobile Game Review: GO SUSHI

Developed by Blue Sky North

"Simple, beautiful and addictive."

Overview: The game has a simple engine where the player must "eat" the sushis Yoshi is currently thinking. The game starts really easy and gets smoothly harder after each level. Eating the "wasabes" extends your time in five seconds, so grab them whenever you get a chance. The game is also available on a previous Flash Lite 1.0 version and one for the iRiver U10, the korean portable media player. GO SUSHI is a great example of how a simple game can be a great and fun experience.

The good: Perfect vector graphics with nice and detailed sushis. The background colors contrast really great with the character and food, making a wonderful colorful combination.

The bad: Animations are really basic and doesn´t match the graphics sophistication. The "wasabe" eating animation is very similar to the "wrong" sushi one, wich can be confusing for the player.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Flash Mobile Game Review: Journey of Jin: Mobisode 2

Journey of Jin: Mobisode 2
Developed by Flownaway

"More than just a casual game, Journey of Jin brings a deeper experience for Flash Lite enabled phone users. "

Overview: Journey of Jin is a RPG game different from anything ever made for Flash Lite. The player must guide "Jin" through a desert valley where he faces several enemies along the way to the "West". The battles are turn based and the player can either attack, throw a spell, retreat or defend. (Almost) Every battle won, adds extra points to Jin´s skills (power, magic, armor and xp). The game keeps has a very stylish art concept and can keep you entertained for a few good minutes.

The good: The guys at Flownaway worked hard to produce a game with a solid storyline and guess what? They did a nice job. The battle system is also really interesting, making each battle unique, even against the same enemies. The music quality is also very good and fits the game theme.

The bad: There´s no instructions screen for the game controls, wich can make the new players' life a bit harder. After you get the handle of the battle system, the game looks really short and you will have to wait for Mobisode 3 to play the next level. A "save/load game" system would also be very useful.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Flash Mobile Game Review: Dawn of the Fly - Chapter One

Dawn of the Fly - Chapter One
Developed by Breakdesign

"This game is for Flash Lite what Pac-Man is for videogames. Breakdesign created a classic."

Dawn of the Fly is really fun game with a magic touch of sense of humour. The player controls a little "something" (that happens to be the main character) and the objective is really simple: eat as many flies as you can in a short period of time. Green flies makes your energy bar go up and red ones decrease it. If your energy bar is over, our little "friend" simply puts a bullet on his own head or gets killed in some other bizarre (and funny) way. The flies get way quicker after each level and your energy bar is not restored, so try keeping it up since level 1 if you plan to go any further in the game.

Hint: You can eat multiple flies pressing 2, 5 and 8 keys at the same time.

The good: There´s a lot to say about this game, but it´s original concept (design, game characters and music) is what makes it one the best flash lite games to date. Breakdesign "dark&evil-but-funny" style produced a state of the art game for mobile devices. Great features as online score submission, idle system with direct access to phone functionalities, wallpapers and update link turns the game into a real immersive experience.

The bad: Poor background scenarios and the "camera" access option in the idle menu doesn´t work in all phones.